Monday, December 20, 2010

How many armies do you own and how often do you cycle them out

How Many armies do you own and how Often do you switch them out.....Simple question isn't it.
I have 2 Armies sorta....... I have my Crimson Fist Space Marines Army made of elements of the 1st/ crusade company at half strength (64 models) Full 5th Company (100 models) and the 10th Company (around 80 models) so really 1 army is three and this is before the armour support. And My Witch Hunters.....I hate calling them that...I PLAY SISTERS of BATTLE! Over the years I lost track of how many sisters I actually have and can field....I know can field about 90 sisters in 6 troop choices and still fill the other slots....My perferred list is 107 models at 1850 all power armour no vehicles....such a sight, awesome when you can out number Eldar players at that point cost. But that is besides the point, my witch hunters....Consists of the Inquistorial Forces-Inquistors, Assassains, IST, orbital strikes, zealots, Penitent Engine and Arco fallagents (the last 3 really they fit a relgious aspect GW), My SISTERS of BATTLE, and my other section out of the Witch Hunter Codex....MY Adeptus Arbite army.
2 armies broken into 6 different armies played depending on my mood.....ok only 2 armies get real use- Crimson Fists (a mixture of all 3 companies) and Sisters of Battle.....

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  1. I have three, and when I use them is a matter of which I want to do modeling work on at the time. Sometimes, one of my friends asks me to use aparticular one, either because they are testing something or because they have a scenario in mind.