Sunday, December 12, 2010

Deep thoughts time!

Well Internets peeps,
I was thinking of building a third army, and now to choose
To be honest, I've built and played almost every list I can think of, barring moon doggies and the army of rons (space wolves and necrons for people who don't know me...)
so what to build, I'm looking at; Eldar, Khornate Marines, or Marines, but what chapter? blood angelish? redo my Iron Hands? 11th cavalry marines? or maybe chaos guard?
Suggestions? Comments? Death Threats? get in line....


  1. Ultramarines! That greatest Space Marine chapter of all time! The one every chapter wants to be. So great that they have a commander that dual weilds power fists for that POW POW effect. And so special that they have a special character for every type of unit! They fight every everyone so well that every picture in the codex shows them fighting every other race. They are so bad ass the rescue the other chapters because they have nothing better to do because no one attacks their home planet......Papa Smurf is so.....I mean Calgar is so full of win! Play pointy ear bastards so I don't have to.....:) but I am still getting 3 units for my CF.....

    For marines- IH or a DIY chapter lots of armour (5 man squads in RB, assault squads in rhinos, predators, Termies in LR)

    Chaos- either all World Eaters or IW

    Eldar- non craftworld use my idea and do exodites

    Blood angels- JUST SAY NO

  2. Blood For the Blood God! Do Angron proud with world eaters !

  3. Pah! smurfmarines? c'mon! lol!

    I'd go with either World Eaters, or make a traitor guard army, as you already have enough Imperial forces, I think :)