Friday, December 3, 2010

Buncha crooks! How do we beat 'em?

Lately I have been noticing more people hijacking people's social media, and using it to post spam for their own site/product/phishing attempt. Not only is this reprehensible because it means that someone has to wade theough a stream of crap to get to what they want to see, but those without the knowledge/equipment are at risk for their computer, their data, and their money to be compromised.
I know that there are some measures to prevent this, but it seems extreme to require that a post require both signing in, and prooving that you are a real person, before you can participate. However, The vast number of innapropriate images on facebook pages seems to indicate a need for a more affirmative defense.

so my question is, how can we prevent the spam without makinf participating in a social media outlet a pain?

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