Thursday, December 2, 2010


So I was trolling through the sites I look at an low and behold a new Apocalypse formations for marines....http://http// Normally I am blah on new formations......but hehehehe Entropmancer is going to be on the receiving end of these....during Apocalypse when he is not allied with me ......

oh and if you are in to this chapter.

off to ebay to begin searching for Rangers and Farseers......


  1. The vengence datasheet seems cool, but it does make me think that GW has a serious problem with understanding concepts such as balance.

    If chaos wasn't so nerfed compared to loyalists, i could see this asbeing a fair addition, but when you consider that the chaos equivalents of imperial units/wargear are inferior.

    Compare the twin bolter to the stormbolter, sure the twin bolter re rolls to hit, but it is still rapid-fire, as opposed to assault 2 with a 24 inch range. this means that the imperials get to move fire, and assault, while chaos has to chose to take 1 shot at 24 inches, or move and fire 2 at 12 inches, or assault.

  2. But you forgot the most important thing about TDA.....well not the most important but up there: Terminators may always shoot as considering standing still and assault afterwards. Otherwise why take a heavy weapon. Granted the combi blotter is not the same as a storm bolter the benefits for a chaos termie squad are the weapon combos....ask entropmancer, when we both had chaos armies I took mostly combi bolters except for the squad with MoK and all LC out (Abaddon's Widow Makers) and he took all the combi weapons which to this day a few years later I ask why....but that may be because I play imperial way to much.

  3. it is fine on the termies, but what about the power armor, and that was but one example, and it isn't so much to complain that my chaos gets a bit of the shaft, but that their mentality seems to be less about making everything cool, but about allowing the developers to make their favorite even cooler while neglecting other armies. I think they have an opportunity if they were to make more for necronc, and why haven't they made some for dark eldar, since they were released?

    The reason I used chaos was that the datasheet is geare specifically to give it a boost where chaos has the edge, and it seems a bit lop-sided.

  4. Ohhh ok.... I see your point....I agree this last chaos sex blows I am still pissed what they did to alpha legion.

    The designers have always crammed their favorite armies down our throats since 2nd Ed but at least their was balance. And tomorrow we will see how lopsided the dexes are

  5. Yes, yes we will...

    or battle reports coming soon.