Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why I only have two armies/Insurance is required

So I was thinking of showing internet land why I say I've played so many armies yet only have two currently and here is a big reason why.
It's Called a house fire!

This first picture is my miniature shelf, marines on top, IG infantry on the second, Ork Infantry on the third, Ork and IG vehicles on the fourth and fifith
Close up of the IG shelf

Ork Infantry and IG vehicles
Close up of IG armor

And the poor poor, ork armor

My work table

My poor marines
 As you can see, the fire did alot of damage, the orks were ruined, (ork with arms up originally, had them at his sides!) my marines, despite how they look, survived with only one model lost. (ironically it was the apothecary)

But there is a silver lining in all this, my renters insurance covered my little plastic men! so some where replaced, and the let me keep the models I could salvage. but smoke damage of this level is bad, my forgeworld tanks are bubbling paint, every time I base coat them, I get bubbles that form and ruin the paint!
Questions? Comments? Death threats? Get in line.

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