Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Doing things differently

When my gaming group and I started on our current warhammer fantasy role-play campaign, we wanted to do things differently. we decided to play an all dwarf group. then I , since the running joke was that any time I play a dwarf, our GM does things so that I take the slayer path ( he really enjoyed my past slayers) I decided to get things over with, and started as one. I then decided to drop my character's intelligence to the minimum necessary for him to not be mentally handicapped. to rationalize his "specialness," we, in true Stephen Lynch style, decided that he had taken one too many blows to the head, and had a metal plate bolted to his head.
In game, my character has: pestered town guards for rock candy/chocolate/other sweets, single-handedly killed a troll, announced our presence to a warband of orcs and gobbos because he was singing pirate songs while rowing the boat, and otherwise behaved like a nurderous five-year-old.

By doing things differently, our game has been more enjoyable, far more than if i had played my character as if he was normal. Since he is so bent, lighthearted moments can be interjected into tense moments without interrupting the game.

How has doing things differently improved your gaming experiences?

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