Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Ok Peoples, the idea of certain "experts" telling you what you can and cannot  take in your list makes me feel sad for the hobby. Don't get me wrong, for tourney play, building a competitive list needs practice and some advice, but when someone is building a list for the hobby's sake, it's not just unit A and unit B.  The main idea of the game is to have fun, take whatever little toy soldiers you like, and play the goddamn game. A sign of a good general is to use what you have been given to win. Warfare doesn't give you the option to bring what you need to win.  I brought up the idea of having a random point allocation for a game. For example 1750+ 2d6x10pts, to create a gap of  1770-1870 pts. Questions? Comments? Death Threats? Get in line.


  1. could work but requires some planning. Easy fix, after a gaming session, roll the dice figure out points and build the army for the next session.

  2. I would also alter which force org slots are available, plus, maybe allow a generic advantage to be available, such as bombardments, or smokescreen/abberant weather.

    the smoke screen/abberant weather could provide their respective effects to a section of board that is about 12 inches by 4 inches, or 9 by 9 inches, players choice, made before the efect enters play. the bombardment could be either 1 large blast, or 3 small, players choice.