Monday, November 15, 2010

Alright Peoples (both of you), New pics to post!

 The Wyches! almost done
 Warriors, need to be based
 Reavers! a whole lot of work to be done
And that fucking horrible raider! for you who are planning to build dark eldar.... Paint this one in sub assemblies! for the love of all that is unholy, save yourself some grey hairs!


  1. Those are better pics then you sent last night.......

    Need a put a wash on them or did you cause the pics don't show it & cause I know you'll ask devlin mud wash my alter the color a tad but will look great

  2. washes: wyches got levi purple on armor, ogryn flesh on skin (got to redo the hekatrix), the warriors got baal wash haven't done the raider or reavers yet

  3. Oh.....flash washed out the washed.....good news my 2nd 5th Co. Dreadnought is here.....plasma cannon?.....or as always good old Assualt Cannon..assault cannon I think...that would be 3 dreads with assault cannons plus the other 2 I need to add to the Crusade (1st Company) for a total of 5 dreadnoughts......last 2 another Venerable and an ironclad