Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Competitive vs. Casual?

Seriously? Really? This argument is redundant. I find the Internet peoples are just flame warring over something to just feel important. It's a fucking game, grow up. "Competitive!" " Casual!" "Competitive!" " Casual!" "Competitive!" " Casual!" "Competitive!" " Casual!" "Tastes Great!" "Less Filling!" you get the idea...


  1. The competitive side of the argument seems to defeat it's own argument by arguing that to play to have fun is to also not play with winning as a goal. It seems that there is a desperation for validation, one that will never be satisfied, since their way of getting that validation is one that is inherently going to cause alienation.

    By focusing on enjoying the game, regardless of winning/losing, the validation they are seeking can be found, ass they then use the game as a means of building meaningful relationships with others.

    or it could be that I just can't stand penis size contests...

  2. As your regular opponent I have to chime I and say........Andy C. Vs. Jervis J. from 2nd edition. You know what I mean and for Martin I have a horrendous W/ L/ T record against Tanker boy here but do I quit playing...no I keep trying to beat him till Satan's little helper run over my predator annihilator....and costs me the game but at that point we both had decided to call the game twice but said screws it let's finish the game.....I should have let your forfeit after chronus in the terminus ultra and the Phobos pattern Land raider killed all your tanks but the damn baneblade! The Crimson Fists will have their Vengenace....

  3. first off, say tanker boy with respect:p

    second that's exactly what I think the point of 40k is, having fun, regardless of winning. I too have had a win/loss ratio with my deathguard that is horrendous, but I still kept at it until I started winning more.

    I think the tourney crowd has become so focused on winning that anything less means they stop.

  4. And that is the problem with the tourney crowd that and saying you should only use these specific things in each of the codexes....I'd leafblower, loganwing, etc...

    Tanker Boy (with much repect :)) knows me and knows my style of play and vice versa. So when he knows I am playing my Sisters of Battle, he gets a little nervous...not cause I field 3 exorcists ( I did once and never again) or spam immolators...but because at 1850 I am running a 107 -BS 4 S3 T3 3+ armor save models and no armor vehicles. And every one said it does not work... Granted long range is at 36 inches with the heavy bolters but I am ably to hurt armies and dish out tons of pain at 12 inches. Plus it is cool that many Nuns with Guns on the table! Now only if they were all painted.