Monday, August 15, 2016

The stuff I've been up to

As war009 said, we've all been busy, and are now getting back into hobby stuff.

I now have a growing Nurgle army for age of sigmar, both daemons and rotbringers. The blightkings are meant to be a "if Nurgle made stormcast eternals," where my plaguebearers have blightkings/heralds as unit leaders, with a herald made from a blightking modek,

 Heres one band of the four bands of putrid blightkings
Here's my mortal contingent, a blightguard plus a rotbringer sorcerer.

My lord of plagues flanked by two rotbringer sorcerers

A blightlord based on bloab rotspawned

And here are parts of my daemon contingent

Here's my herald of Nurgle, since there's a 40k formation using a herald and an obscene amount of nurglings, I figured I'd make a shepard...

Here's my daemon prince

I made a plagueridden from gutrot spume, and his plaguebearers all have limbs replaced by tentacles.

The other major project is getting a start on my IX legion force.

I have bitz and a copy of betrayal at calth in the mail, I made a vigilator from the thirtieth anniversary marine, anbd I have my first of three contemptors, Balthazar the bringer of death, built/converted.

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