Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pre Order......Fail

So I preordered the New Space Marine Dex once the pre order went live. Entropmancer  didn't. Guess who got his Dex first.....not me. WTF

I thought that was the point of GET IT EARLY...Entropmancer walked into a store saturday and picked his up. Mine was mailed Friday and I got it TODAY......WTF

 Now granted I did order more than the Codex and the Data Cards but  Crimson/Imperial Fist stuff was in stock. I did get 2 Tactical marine buttons.....

1st impressions: it is a big codex with some great images some ok images/ reused images and some WTF is that images....

Overall 1st impressions is good but need more time to look at it.

If you travel over to There is only the Emperor you will see stuff from workbench for the new Codex

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