Saturday, October 1, 2016

Kill! Maim! Burn!

In my almpst twenty years in the hobby,I've owned each iteration of Khârn the betrayer, and the new plastic kit is no exception.

It's hard to describe how chock full of details the model is, from the treads of his boots incorporating Khorne's rune to the butcher's nails entering his helmet.

 While he's in progress, the idea is that the red of his armor is the blood of ten thousand years of slaughter.
 I started by painting his armour white, with the pauldron being painted blue, as that was the world eaters' colors prior to their fall to Khorne.

I painted a couple layers of soulstone red, and blocked out the rest of the colors, and now he needs a layer of reikland fleshshade.
His armor will get gloss fleshshade, and his arm and the bone sections will get the matte fleshshade.

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