Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's here, It's here!!!!!!!!!!!!

I blame Entropomancer for this one.......


Being the big nerds we are, Entropmancer walked into on of our FLGS with the intent of buying N3 Operation Ice Storm (Infinity 3rd edition) but walked out with Robotech RPG Tactics. After posting a quick review on our Gaming Groups Facebook thread and answering all our questions, I began my search for the game. Now most of the group has seen Macross more than I have and played the robotech games longer than I have, but I love aircraft and the fact they transform into Giant Robots.....WIN! I hit another FLGS on my side of town and walked out with my starter. WOW great looking stuff, rules are super easy (very similar to 40k in mechanics). Now normally Entropmancer I will buy our starters and trade forces to build a massive force. This time we are building our starters casue well we both love the models. Soon our group will have 4 + starters floating around....(I scored another starter and some more models super cheap). We are discussing plans for everyone to build their own squadrons of veritechs. So stay tuned.

PS the other blame goes to my parents since they bought me the old Transformer Jetfire toy as a kid.

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  1. I never had jetfire, but I did score a cyclone for Christmas one year.