Saturday, December 20, 2014

1st Company Imperial Fists....or Strike Force Ultra Update

 So update time.....I recently purchased the last 25 terminators I need to make the 100 man company (loving the fact I am scoring $20 5 man terminator squads thanks to the Shield of Baal sets). I need to order more FW Imperial/ Crimson Fist terminator shoulder pads for the last 35 terminators. The next purchases are the 3 Venerable dreadnoughts (FW mkIV and a Chapalin Dread) , 2 more landraiders, and storm ravens.

I was contacted by a seller I have been speaking with on ebay about their bases. The bases I ordered are almost ready. Unlike a lot of other bases that are resin, Eveonlineseller makes their bases out of poured stone. I really liked the look of their 40k Adeptus Mechanicus/ Space Marine ruins, I ordered enough bases for the terminators and Vehicles in the Strike Force Ultra formation. I will give an in depth review upon their arrival.

 Here is the stock images of their bases. I plan on getting enough bases to finish the rest of the army and the scout contingent I am planning for my Imperial Fists

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