Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ebooks and Me......THE SEQUEL

So a few months ago I wrote this blog.....eBooks and me discussing the different books I have bought from Black Library.

Well it is update time.......

I had really high hopesfor this book.......and was let down. Really similar to the previous version.

Oh baby.......Assassins available in all Imperial armies and you buffed the Assassains too....drool

Ok not an an Ultramarine fan but this was a nice surprise for Codex: Space Marines users......all terminators, dreads, landraiders, storm ravens and a Captain in terminator armour. The possibilites......and kicked again, but just in the shin. Normal Terminator Captain or Lysander  HQ sweet. Limiting the models I can take in a squad and what I can take kinda sucks but I like terminators......so

 Sister of Battle short story........I couldnt find my paperback. Plus I like this story.

 The Sequel to Faith & Fire.....Not as good as Faith & Fire but good story  featuring Necrons and Sanctuary 101

And the Legendary Grey Knights........um toned down quite a bit. No more Draigo wing  but I may be one of the few that like it better. Formation Nemesis Strike Force (1 hq 1 troop min) and deep strike on turn 1....YES PLEASE! Let see so 6 model minimum and all terminators. A list I am working on I gains 10 Force points before dice rolls at 1500 pts...PS did I mention I like Terminators

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