Sunday, June 15, 2014

What's on my desk pt II

So as promised here is the update of what I have been working on this week:

First off after striping all my previous figures, I realized I need to focus on my 150 pt/ 200 pt armies for the refresher games we have coming up.....eventually.

So my new list focuses on lots of Metros and Loup- Garous so I did a test model of the Loup- Garou sniper.

I need to redo the lens on his scope and his visor in yellow as the gold is too much

Next in preparation for the terrain building i have coming up I picked up some cheap paints and 2 of these: 

8 1/2 spherical balls  for cheap plants.

and the past 2 days here is my project:

With the "sapper" special rules I had to add some cover for the figure......

Material used for bases: Secret weapon Tree stumps, White pumice, green stuff (gap filling), wood land scenic gravel ( fine buff, medium and coarse rocks and tree pieces).

I am gonna add camo netting to the Moblot's logs eventually. But all my FRRM bases are ready for priming and painting.  Then to flocking and adding tufts to some of them.

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