Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Story Time

Hello readers,
Tonight, since I am at work and didn't take any pictures of anything I worked on lately.
I will tell you all a story about my time in the U.S. Army.

My army career (outside of deployments), was at wonderful Fort Irwin, CA
One of my jobs there was MOUT counter insurgency training, basically playing the bad guys for the troops heading overseas.
My last training rotation I was on a lane (basically a position where we sit and wait for each unit to come through; this one was a failure to detonate manned IED). Sitting there all day and going through two companies; a platoon at a time. It was getting dark so, my companion and I from the AAA troop (we will name him Liam from now on) noticed the front drivers' tire was flat and being a COBV (a POS auction from wrecker yards and police impounds this one was a '89 Ford F-150, with 3 different size tires) it had no spare, so with no radio and no cell signal, we would have to wait till a range officer came and found us. So we waited, and waited, and a gaggle of coyotes showed up. Liam in all of his infinite,19yr old wisdom, grabbed a cot bar from the bed of the truck and beaned one of the bigger ones right on the top of its head.
This caused the three of them to knock him down and start to tear his jacket off. I jumped out of the truck to see if I could drag him away from the puppy mosh pit, but one of the coyotes knocked me over and just stared at me with a look that screamed "this isn't your fight".
At this moment, the range officer magically appeared and tossed a grenade simulator to scare them off.
Liam was unhurt but was missing most of his pants, one boot, and his wallet. (Seriously, we spent an hour looking for his wallet, I think they took it with them.)
So another slow night with no hobby things to show you, I will tell you another story from the vault of Army insanity.

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