Thursday, May 29, 2014

oh damn.........

So my order arrived today from Miniature Market. 

first off 2 curved roof buildings

1 2 story building with a smaller building

a bunch of small containers

2 single door buildings 

2 2 door buildings (Similar to the previous building)

2 Y section bridges 

2 balconies for the buildings 

3 of these 2 story buildings....

3 bridge walkway (2 a package) to connect buildings and Y junctions

3 set of 4 small boxes

3 of the double wide buildings

3 sets of scatter terrain

and 2 battle mats 2x2 but I realize I need 4x4

I really need to finish my MRRF figures but I was sent the wrong bases and they are being exchanged. Plus I need to figure out a paint scheme for these buildings. 

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