Friday, April 4, 2014

If you give a mouse some greenstuff...

So, Its been a while, and for good/bad reason. I had a streak of financial problems that have culminated in my having to move across the country to Pennsylvania. Amongst the casualties of these events was my laptop, which dies a few months back. It has taken me some time getting settled in to figure out an arrangement that would allow me to return to posting here, and now I am here. In the interim, I have been working on a project that I think will push my skills to a new plateau. I decided to start a new squad of plague marines, this one with only bolters, except for the champion, who has a power fist, and the squad icon. This turned into work on a land raider, and Lu'urch, my third helbrute. Then I decided that since I made him a nice pimpwagon, lord gutmaw needed a new resculpt.
In addition to the combi bolter, lord gutmaw bears a black mace, because I thought it was the most nurgle of melee options a chaos lord could take.

Here is Lu'urch, it might not be noticable here, but he is signigifantloy taller than puggs'leth and fester, as well he should...

Eventually, I will have another 14 plague marines, the rest of this squad of 14, and the start of the next. they will join my other plague marines, cultists, and assorted war machines in my expanding horde.

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