Friday, November 9, 2012

Rynn's World Campaign Update

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The Disaster at Rynn's World....  The 2nd Time the Crimson Fist Chapter were reduced to less than 300 Marine (the 1st was at the end of the Reign of Blood Age of Apostasy and the Chapter was left with only 128 marines).

The Original Rogue Trader Rulebook included the Battle of the Farm Scenario pitting Chapter Master Pedro Kantor and 15 marines Vs the Invading Ork horde.

A few years ago GW released this: Rynn's World Campaign but now with 6th edition it's time for an update.

  1. Planetstrike at Badlanding:  use Dawn of War and Purge the Alien rules 
  2. Blades in the Night: use Vanguard Strike and Crusade
  3. Krugerport Counter Attack: use Hammer and Anvil and Relic (Modified)- only 1 objective Communications Tower in the Ork Player Deployment zone.
  1. Into the Maelstrom (Apocalypse): No Change
  2. Battle of the Farm: No Change
  3. Road to Rynn City: Battle Force Recon Special Mission (PG 362 of the Big Rulebook)
  4. Battle of Jadeberry Hill (Apocalypse): No change
Special Rules, Victory Conditions, and Points stay from the original article but missions only slight differ but they are the primary Missions all secondary missions apply.   I may amend  "Battle to the Farm" to the Battle Force Recon mission but that will be later pending everyone's input.

Battle of Jadeberry Hill

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