Sunday, November 11, 2012

Product review- Aves Sculpt

Ok this is going to be hopefully the first of many product reviews.

Today's review is on the following item: Aves Sculpt

-Aves Sculpt : apoxie sculpting stuff (lack of a better word on my part). I bought a 1lb of this around 6 yrs ago and have used in converting figures (6 inch comic figures) and some 40k and other modeling purposes. And this is still the original purchase of a pound of natural colored Aves Apoxie sculpt.

My perferred use in 40k is basing material.  Entropomancer and I have some strange fascination with trench warfare, and by using this I am able to build up my base to be taller and then do the duck boards (balsa wood strips glued straight to the plastic) and have a small burm for the added display. I have used it to do cloaks and other things before but as a basing material i love it....Eventually I'll sandbag a predator using it.

I do prefer this product over "green stuff" because it easer to remove the dreaded finger prints (wet finger, slide it over the finger print, bam smoothed out). Also it has a longer shelf life then green stuff, is freezable/ refridgeable (mine sits in my bedroom in AZ, and no issues with it turning yet). Also it comes in 2 jars, not tubes or together but screw top lid jars....I hate how green stuff is stuck together.

Like green stuff you mix the 2 parts of how much you need and go from there.  Drying time is about 2 hrs fully cured in 24 hrs. Dryed it is sandable and paintable

Now I do have a nice sculpting set from Gale Force 9 I use with it but the main tool I use is the dental pick to give the bases texture but like I said earlier I plan on Sandbagging and annhilator predator eventually

I recommed buying the cleaning solution aves sells to aid in tool clean up also.... but the small bottle is what i have and it is still pretty full cause i clean my tools pretty regular espically after doing some work.

Price for 1lb of apoxie sculpt $16  & cleaner (small bottle) $4

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