Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What a dick!

 I just heard about the terrible service at the company that makes the "avenger"

controller for the ps3. The kind of service that needs to be spoken about, and have

extremely negative consequences for the company.   We have all dealt with missed
release dates, backorders, and other delays to receiving product, but to tell a

customer who has paid upfront, not merely making a deposit to  "put on your big

boy hat" is unacceptable. it is made worse when those who prepaid are paying  

more than those who order later.  In most businesses, such a situation is quickly

remedied, since the company acknowledges that the customer is unlikely to do

return business when mistreated. 

My suggestion is that we refuse to buy another of their products, EVER.

Either that, or we release stanley and his 42 pounds of unadulterated hatred and nicotine...

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