Saturday, December 10, 2011

Confessions of a bad dok.

It's been a while since any of us have posted here, and apologies are in order. Unfortunately, school, work and other commitments have kept us from generating new content in a while.

That having been said, I am taking the three week break ti catch up on projects i have been working on, an as soon as i can get a hold of a camera, I will post some pics.  What I have in the works is: a talos for Entropomancer, grot tanks and a kill blasta for myself, black legion plague marines for another friend, and maye work on my own death guard including a prototype for the butcher cannon that will eventually go on a contemptor when I have the funds to purchase one (probably next August).

Here comes the hard part, while I have a good idea for how the hull of the Kill blasta will look, and where to put sponsons for stuff like big shootas and grot sponsons, I am stuck on how I should make the giga shoota look.

I like the idea of making a ton of different caliber guns sticking out of the front, but I also like the idea of two massive rotary barreled guns, like the vulkan mega bolter, but bigger, longer, and far more orky. Fir the rotary cannon style giga-shoota, I am thinking of building an " engine" for it, and mounting a grot that is pulling a pull starter, much like on a lawn mower. The base for the hull is a land raider with the engine bitz rearranged to be more orky, and the trakks from a battlewagon. For the upper hull, It will be built up with plasti-card and bitz from the battlewagon. Both concepts for the gigashoota will see the front doors from the land raider be turned into ports for the ammo hoppers, which will be similar to that from the loota kit, all kinds of bullets crammed into the hopper to mysteriously be fired, despite no links, different calibers, and some pointing in the wrong direction....

So the big question is:  Which concept is better, the array of different caliber guns, or a set of rotary barreled cannons?

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