Thursday, September 15, 2011

Infinity versus 40k: apples to oranges.

it seem that whenever a new game becomes popular, the 40k haters(disgruntled players, maybe?) sprout up on the forums and extol its virtues. The problem with them saying that game "X" is superior ( usually claimed that it is so in every possible way) is tha it is apples to oranges.

Lets compare/contrast infinity and 40k, for an example of this, but we will avoid the fallacious logic for the most part.

Both are wargames, which by nature, are simulations of military actions. Both are set in a fantasy future. Both use miniatures, model terrain and are played "tabletop."
These are fairly superficial similarities, and can mislead someone into thinking they can be compared on a value for value basis.

The differences are significant and are why comparing wargames from different companies is difficult. Infinity is a skirmish game set at the squad to platoon level. 40k, however is set at the company to battalion level, meaning that you will have many more units to control and react to. 40k is a "i go, you go" style of turn mechanic, where infinity uses rules for reactive fire and over-watch. This has a significant effect upon play style, as in infinity, you cannot leave the table when your opponent is taking their turn. Infinity has a more complex ruleset, meaning that real-world tactics are better applied than in 40k, whose ruleset is geare towards ease of play.

In addition to the differences between the games from a rules standpoint, is why someone plays either. We here at the reaper enjoy both, infinity for its complexity, story, and challenging play, and 40k for its world, the models, and being able to get together in a large group and spend an evening playing the game and talking "shop talk."

In short, neither game is "better," but offer different experiences. I feel that, by focusing on " which game is better," we risk creating cliques, instead of forming a strong gaming community. Without a strong, clique-free gaming community, we risk re-starting the "dice chucker-cardflopper wars of the 90's. We certainly don't want that.

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