Sunday, September 11, 2011

Infinity Game night and Special Thanks

So Shortly Entropmancer should be posting the Battle Reports or I should say the Kill counts from the Z-Day Mission found on the Infinity Forums cause we did get distracted with the game and random mutterings and comments made from the group.....mainly due to Carl the Zombie and the 2 Civilans- Crazy Asian lady with sheers and the little kid, she was chasing everytime they came on the table....and forgot to take pictures and notes on the important events- Like a 112 dying in the first ARO shot I did due to an errant GL round flying back and hitting the 112 and almost getting my LT too.

First Let me say this Entropmancer and I have been friends for a while and playing 40k against each other since 1997 so everytime we have tried to play a new game no one wants to play it....and it loses it intrest pretty quick. But for our 2 Infinty event Entropmancer and I were joined by his Girlfriend, her brother, and Technomajestic and we all had a blast.

and Special thanks should go to Battlefoam/ Game Saloon for their awesome terrain, great stock of Infinity models and support for the Infinity game.

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  1. The game was fun, and relatively easy, considering the complexity of the rules. The scenario was brutal, and needs a tweak to allow players an opportunity to pull out a win.