Tuesday, September 16, 2014

WIP Sisters of Battle Part 3

So nothing to update, been sick and lacked time to work on figures. I did pick up some various bits from Trolls.cz including the weapons (the link takes you to) some axes, torches and other various Sisters of Battle items.

 I also scored 4 sets of LONG out of print Forge Worlds Rhino Spaced armor for a decent price

I have been looking for these for awhile (Not the actually ones but a stock photo)

Plus I am waiting for an email to order the multiple Repressors I want.

Armour Value 13/11/10 6 + invulnerable save.....with a a stormbolter and heavy flamer PLUS 8 models firing out of it....UM Yes Please 

On the Subject of armored vehicles, The Immolator

 The Original Kit

 The FW Kit

 The Current kit     

I have an idea: Demois Pattern FW rhino, lots of plasticard, some FW icons and Brasss etch Fleur de Lis  and I have a MK I ........too many ideas.

On a Side note I was debating adding a Storm Trooper detachment to my Inquistorial section but as I looked at the points, the mass valkyeries and overall money cost was crazy. So I decided my Ordo Hereticus Inquistor will ride in a land raider redeemer with his body guard. 

Stay tuned for updates. and next time I'll have pics.            

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  1. I've been thinking of kit bashing deimos pattern rhino hulls with repressors for IX legion rhinos.