Saturday, September 6, 2014

WIP Adepta Sororitas Part 1

so I have started working on my Adepta Sororitas army again. I filed down on the mold lines I have missed over the years, stripped the old paint, and drilled out the bolters. This time around I am painting up my Sisters as the Order of Our Martyred Lady. But why did I change from the Order of the Bloody Rose?

So for a quite a few years I being working on my Sister to be the Order of the Bloody Rose......when I would work on them. Frankly I hated painting their red armor and tried multiple ways to speed through it and was never happy with the result. I would look at images at  Bloody Rose rhinos, repressors, exorcists, and immolators and the nightmare was worse......So it was time for a change, again.

The 2 divergences I am doing from the Fluff of the Order of Our Martyred Lady is their bolters being all boltgun metal (mine will be black or gold for celestians) and they will not all have white hair. The white hair I never understood....The surviving members from the battle of 3rd War of Armageddon, yes  I could the stress of that war. But to effect the entire chapter.....nope don't think so!

Stay Tuned for Part 2 with Work in Progress

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