Sunday, July 27, 2014

Big Changes, Still little toy soldiers

Hello all, Entropomancer here,
If you didn't notice what faction this Terminator is
I am now infected with HH fever, having sold pretty much all of my 40k materials (except my Knights) with a very, very, small admech list as the only gw I had left, I looked to the future.

I was planning my expansion of my admech, and a little voice kept telling to look at the Legio Astartes section, and... I failed my Will save.
So now if planning on building a IV Legion army, but I have 2 issues.

1. Playing with my current group: They do not play HH, only 40k. my play tests with my admech showed that they are somewhat balanced against 40k (played against SWs, and Necrons) Some of my group members seem rather hesitant against playing a legion list. either they want to bar what can be fielded or would rather not play against it completely. I have 4 opponents that seem to be eager to play against them, so I guess I should be content with that.

2. The Force Org chart and 7th edition: Now HH has 4 different Force Org charts, and has does not have a F.A.Q. for 7th edition. My options are: A. everyone play the 40k force orgs; seems rather ruff, but would be easier to switch from player to player. B. play with different force orgs; using 7th edition as a guideline, allow the 4 HH charts to allowed in regular play all but one of them have drawbacks with their advantages, except one. until the F.A.Q.  comes out I am not sure what to do with the difference, since the only major change is the addition of an HQ and elite,  the 4 opponents listing in issue one are ok with playing using the age of darkness list (being players of tau, SW, necron, tyranids, and eldar (both flavors) it would seem to help them having the extra 2 slots)
So in all, my 40k playing might be limited to only 4 of the 7 players in my group.

Them's the breaks, eh?

so first purchase is:
30 marines, bolters and command parts
5 destroyers with jump packs
MKIII command squad (used as moritat and master of signals)
a pack of volkite cavaliers
a pack of auto cannons
a MKIII power weapon pack
myrmidon destructors

Going to purchase on the first , will update when they arrive

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