Thursday, May 15, 2014


So I am firm believer in purchasing from your FLGS but sometimes it is not possible. The option then resorts to internet retailers via stores, ebay or whatever. Now I have bought and sold on ebay and online before plus my girlfriend has her own online boutique, so I do have an understanding of customer service.

I have purchased multiple items from stores online and received various results. Most stores I would do buisness with. Two certain store I will not......but I will not name them here.

My complaints:

Listing product you "have" but when it is purchased you cant find it.......and taking a week to notify the purchaser. Really WTF!

Sending out your tracking information but not sending the item out......or in the recent case saying the package was damaged and returned to sender....I had the tracking for a week and it updated last night as finally being sent.... sure you sent it.

Listen I bought a gaming figures and you telling me it was returned damaged I get that, asking how I want to proceed, Awesome, but after asking for the refund you get to me 3 buisness days later.....shady. I am a gamer I know Valhalla was this weekend. you could have said "hey sorry man I gonna be at tourney all weekend cool if i send it to you next week." not saying anything is douchey.

Jacking up prices.....we know you have to turn a profit too, we get that but recently a certain retailer (once again un named) had a "sale" for some figures.....funny thing was the price was higher than normally from same seller.....

Know I have found some really good retailers in gaming and my other hobbies.....but as the saying goes, Do a good job the customer tells 2 friends, do  a bad job the customer tells 5. So FRP games and Spikey both grind my gears.

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  1. I could have told you that spikey bits was a bad idea from their "contests" on bell.