Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A project idea...

I had a bit of inspiration today, and decided to work on a scratch- build project, namely making a great unclean one for my chaos daemons.

Here is a pic of one of my rough draft sketches for the design.
My idea is to make a great unclean one who looks like it is made of industrial piping and techno organic materials as much as daemonflesh. I wanted this foe two reasons, the first being that it will match the plague tower I am slowly working on, and the second being that it will separate it from the fantasy great uclean one, and hopefully make it more "40k."

Part of the inspiration is from one of the iron warrior books where it describes the Daemon lord M'Karr reforming itself from machinery, and how it looked like an amalgam of daemonflesh and machinery. Another part of the inspiration came from one of John Blanche's illustrations from the 2nd edition Chaos codex.

i will post more pics as soon as I draw them, and hopefully I can beg someone to loan me a decent digital camera for wip shots.

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