Monday, February 18, 2013

What more do they want?

Since Sixth edition dropped last summer, there has been a major shift in how Games workshop conducts its business, a shift that has been a major improvement. Yet, with all of the improvements, and the consistent progress towards rapidly fixing problems that arise, there are still many who act as if Games workshop is personally persecuting them.

For me, this makes no sense, as most of the complaints from previous editions have been addressed. People complained about the lack of quality and content in white dwarf, so it got overhauled. Now the magazine is worth the pricetag. They moved to a higher quality paper, brought back Blanchitsu, added a mature format for the magazine, so now, it not only has well written articles, but the magazine is easier to read.  People complained about finecast, not only have they continued their generous replacement policy where your part is replaced at no further cost and you do not have to send them the defective part, the quality of the castings has improved. People wanted plastic options, they have responded with plastic character models that are as good or better than the previous metal/finecast options. People whined that codices with easy access to fell no pain were too strong, so they altered it so it was not as reliable. People bitched about running out of foc slots at high points levels, so they made the foc chart scale at certain plateaus, transports were reduced in effectiveness without making them worthless, and other rules changes fixed many of the rules problems that were commonplace. They even started making sure to have frequent updates to the faqs, many being released within two weeks of a rules update.

The list of things the company has done to improve the game goes on, yet the whining persists. This makes me wonder, what else do these people want? We might never know, since the whining is rarely communicated with a definite problem, but is most often put in general terms, or as an absolute proclamation that "this is bad," with no elaboration on what makes that thing so bad. So, the question stands, what else do they want, would it help if GW packaged a coupon for a free hooker with their product?

What do you all think, can we get these people to put things back into perspective, and convince them to see all of the improvements, instead of focusing on the few things that are imperfect?

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