Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Infinity Campaign Paradiso

Allright ladies and gentlemen...... the campaign will be starting in a month and half to 2 months (around February).  Entropmancer and myself have decided a few thinhs before the campaign starts:

1- All models need to be painted unless the model was bought the day of the campaign or refresher course. Plus it is only 300 pts 

2- The missions will be played in 1 day per chapter except for chapter 2 as it has the most missions

3- The missions will be posted here for the chapter to allow you to plan accordingly

4- refresher course will occur before the campaign 

5- you need your Spec Op figure, he/ she is the only model that gains experience

6- At the end of the refresher we will be dividing up the mercs up for campaign, sectorials will be given their mercs first: example Corrigedor will get Senor Massacre before he is selected and so on

7- we are adding a 5th chapter to determine the campaign rankings

more rules to be posted later

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