Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm not dead......

Wow has it been this long since I posted.......or should I say contributed to the blog....WTF....well work, life, other hobbies, but with DZC and 6th Edition gaming may be around on a limited basis.....We will see, but considering the size of my Crimson Fists (Full 5th company 109 models, half the Crusade [1st] company, 64 models plus almost complete 10th Company around 60- 75 models iirc) plus my Sisters of Battle Order of the Bloody Rose (which is around the same size.....ask Entropomancer about the Eldar vs Sisters at 1750.....55 models VS 107models.....Farseer's can Run off the board?).  And my Infinity armies.....yes armies...or the entire Guild line from Malifaux.

All I have to say is where is my damn Red Gore paint.....I need to paint somethings soon and buy the rule book.....

But this brings up a good point:

I was able to find the 6th edition rule book online for a good price, BUT I am firm believer in trying to support your Local stores.....Sometimes it is cheaper and easier to buy online (yes I do this.....I am cheap) but seeing Paintball Stores and fields close because of the economy AND ONLINE SALES  makes me remember something in my wallet....a $365/yr membership to a local Paintball field- Now you are wondering what does this have to do with gaming?  Easy I received it free after getting 3000 points from the local shop....for every dollar spent I got 1 point and 3000  points is a free year membership. Yes I could have paid for the membership but I AM CHEAP and I earned it, over 3 1/2 years.  Why cause not shopping online but going into the store and buying paint, parts, field fees etc.....now I buy paint and play for free no longer paying $90 a day to play. With that said- Support your Local Gaming Store, a smiling face is better than a computer monitor any day.......well depending on the site


  1. Gotta agree, not only are there direct benefits, such as the free membership, the local shop is the backbone of many hobbies. If they fail, then those hobbies are also in danger of the same.

    As for your red gore, it is now Khorne red.

  2. no I got pots of red gore.......