Wednesday, September 12, 2012

apocalyptic thoughts...

    After thinking about how allies work, how fortifications fit in the force org chart, and how the force org chart looks over 2000 points, I had a thought: What does this mean for apocalypse?

    the most common complaint about apocalypse I have heard has been the lack of structure, that it was perceived as an excuse to create unbalanced lists. Well, with the fact that gw has formally codified how the foc looks over 2k points, and how that affects allies and fortifications, this seems to have ramifications for how a 6th edition redo of apocalypse might take shape.

    In order to both have the ability to take truly epic forces while providing structure to the game, a minor change would need to happen: assign foc slots to apocalypse formations, based upon what the formation includes.  ( this assumes a game between 2k and 4k points) for example, masters of the chapter would take one of the four available hq slots, since it is primarily chapter masters and company masters, with termies or a command squad added.  a titan, however would occupy one of the six heavy support slots.  then we look at strategems that use buildings or other terrain pieces, they would occupy one of the two fortification slots. allies add options for unique formations, possibly having the option of occupying a slot in the allies list or the main army's list.

    What do you all think?

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