Saturday, March 17, 2012

My PanO's so far

Okay my very few readers, I have some pics of my current Pan'O's
Here we go:

 My Tags and Rems
Back; Trogdor the Drago, Shelia the squalo, Sven the Jotum, and the yet to be named cutter,
Front; Merry the bulleteer, spot, janus, and Pippen

The HI; One Teuton, one Santiago, The Dreaded swiss guard ML, all three orcs, a Guarda and both Aquila
(None named yet)

The Support troops, I didn't like the actually like the CB models so I used 2 order Sgt. and the palbots C.Coleman and M. Moe
More Light Infantry:
Agent Candy with MSR, Agent Sampson with a spitfire, Helper Archimedis, the Auxilia with their helpers
 And my crack team of Fusilers

My MI, all 3 Nissie, Akalis with a Hmg, and an Akali hacker I use as Singh, and a lonely Bag Mari sniper

None are completely done yet so please be gentle

Comments, complaints, Death threats? get in line.....

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  1. Well I think you're off to a good start.
    My Speculo Killer has death threats, though.