Friday, March 9, 2012

Down and dirty hobby tips.

Sorry for not posting in a while, school and moving has taken a lot of my time lately.

This week I feel like discussing hobby environment. For me the difference between a session where I stare vacantly at my models wondering where to start , and one where I manage to get a lot of work done in little time boils down to my work environment.

There isn't one rule for how your hobby environment should be beyond that it should be comfortable and free of excessive distractions.  Since my move, I am slowly rebuilding my hobby area, the most important step will be laying down my dropcloth.

Once that is taken care of, my hobby area will be situated in a corner of my bedroom, next to the bookshelf where I display my models. The bottom shelf will hold my drawers that I keep my bits and other materials. then will be my hobby table, and other drawers on the opposite side of the table.

 I have it set up this way for two reasons, the drawers can have a board set on top of them to allow extra workspace, and the drawers themselves will help keep my hobby area clean and organized.

After you pick an arrangement for your work area, you should decide if you want music to work to, or if you want a quiet work area.

For me, having music to listen to helps my concentration, so my laptop will be nearby so I can listen to appropriate music to inspire my projects.

of course there are other ways to go with your hobby area, but it should be one where you are comfortable and free from distractions.

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