Monday, January 16, 2012

Rumor control.

As I am sure any 40k players reading this know, we are up for an edition shift this summer. you also know about the "leaked" rulebook. I am not going to say anything either way regarding the authenticity, as that is a subject that can start many arguments, but I will say one thing: We need to stay calm about it. As it is not verified either way, and is as likely to be a hoax as not, it is best for us to stay calm until we either verify that it is real, or failing that, we see the new rulebook when it goes into print.

Personally, the insanity/whining/ paranoid rants that new rulebooks/codices cause is why I am glad that GW has instituted the policy of keeping a lid on things. I think the net effect is to prevent their product from generating even more trolling/bullying online.  As I say on the forums, " It's just new rules, not the end of the world. Calm down and we will all be happier."


  1. honestly, I think it is real, sort of, just like the 3rd to 4th leaked play guide back in the day, some of it turned out true, some of it did not..
    meh, we'll see...

  2. My point, to clarify, is regardless of validity, cooler heads need to prevail. While I am inclined to think it is a hoax, I will not be disappointed if it turns out to be a preliminary ruleset either. Then again, I play 40k for the fun of it, and a lot of the elements look like they can add that back.

    In particular, the idea of strategems being incorporated in regular games of 40k at the cost of initiative, and incorporating the apoc, cityfight and planetstrike rules into the main rulebook appeal to me.