Sunday, January 22, 2012

More Zday!

Hello very few readers!

Today we played some of Descrii's Zday Scenarios. Unfortunately, the camera's batteries died after game one :( .
So the only game we got to pics of was my Neo-Terran Capital army, 250pts
My Urban Protection Squad
The team consists
4 Fusiliers, Lt. Carretero is the Lt., Spc. Mactaggart is a hacker, with Pvt. Wilkins and Flanders finishing the team.
2 Auxilia, Cpl. Whitley with his bot Rhino
and PV2 Reyna and her bot Mr. Studly
2 Bulleteers, Merry and Pippin
Janus the Sierra bot
and Agent Candy the Hexa Sniper.

Setup: The 6 wheel is the main objective, Merry watches the approach from the forest, with Janus right behind him. Whitley and his pet Rhino watching the area in the fore ground with Reyna and Mr. Studly watching the opposite side. The Fusi link team are position next to the 6 wheel, opposite of Janus. with Pippin guarding ahead of the team. Agent Candy is in camo on top of the white conex in the background (it's in the deployment).

Turn 1:
The Zombies roll in force the first turn with 12 marching on the board, Candy in her expert position, appears and crits a poor zombie sod with the first shot.  She continues to lay on the hits dropping four more in the first turn, but no other crits from her this turn. no other valid targets for the defense team to ARO.
Defenders half: some minor manuvering and Candy bags another crit, and drops 2 more Zeds. 4 Civvies arrive on the board and make a dash for the transport.
Agent Candy's Handywork

Turn 2:  Another Wave of zeds this time 15 with 8 getting back up. 2 start to climb the conex stack to candy and she misses! repeatedly!  the zombies play a hilarious game of climbing half way, falling, passing arm saves, and climbing again, all the while Candy misses with every ARO!  A pack of zombies rush Pippin. Pippin wiffs his Heavy Shotgun ARO, and the zombies mob him, the Fusi Squad attempt to shot them off, dropping 2 of the 6 on him. the Zombies attack pippin, he blocks with e-pulse, and tazers 2, but gets scrapped by one of the other 2. another pack move in on Whitley and Rhino. Rhino flambes a group of 3, and Whitley drops 1, and 2 make it to Rhino, who promptly get tazered.
The result of five orders!
Defender half: with 9 orders, Candy spends five killing 2 zombies!
The Fusi squad "godfather" the last of the pippin killing zombie mob, and Rhino and Whitley back up and gun down the tazered zombies. the other 2 are barely make it to the fortification lines.
and Janus manuvers to assist the fusi squad to compensate for the loss of pippin.
4 more civs appear and book towards the transport. 2 of the civs in the first turn make it to the Apc, and hopefully safety.

The mad dash for safety!
Turn 3: a trickle of zombies this turn, 7, shamble in  from the tree line, and 1 takes a headshot from Merry, who is still enraged from the loss of Pippen.
A large mob of zombies move up from behind the civilians, and Agent Candy, Crits 2 with AROs. Apparently, she can hit things over 24", but up close... not so much. Reyna and Mr. Studly shot and burn the rest. With more zeds closing in on the opposite side, Whitley and Rhino reposition to receive them.

Mowing the lawn, NTC Style!

Turn 4: with 5 in the APC, and 4 on route, and 26 ambulatory closing in, time to pull in closer to the transport. Agent Candy once again shows the Hexadron's wisdom of sending her here to assist the soldiers here, by pulling 3 more headshots on the final turn for 7 crits in one game. Janus finally joins the fray mowing 6 zombies with his Hmg.
On the end of the defenders turn the commander of the convoy rolls a 3 on his will test, with Lt. Carretero rolling a 20,  ending the game.

One last look before cloaking to find the next team to support.

Results: 6 civs saved, 1 drone lost,  lost the shouting match with the convoy leader.
all and all a good game...
now to remember to bring extra batteries next time....

Questions, comments, death threats? Get in line.


  1. Really jealous of all those at-43 containers...

    Nice pics too. Looks like it was a fun game.

  2. The at-43 containers are all battlefoam's I asked him who he killed to get them...