Thursday, July 7, 2011

Infinity and such

Hello my very few readers,
Entropomancer back again,
and now I have picks of my new hobbyist obsession, Infinity.
The game itself is well done, the combat system is very nice, and very deadly.
The armies are each unique and balanced,
so on and so forth,
I decided to build Haqqislam as my first army,
I liked the look of the models over anything else at first and so to the pictures! (mind you, not done                            painting,)  

Here are my 2 Hassassin Muyibs,
 I was thinking of naming them Sid and Nancy

Here are my Ghulams, one is a doctor,
and one is an LT. (and yes the Naffatun is a Ghulam, so suck it)

and here is the Doctor's 2 plucky assistants, Mercy and Ralph

Next up is the Heavy infantry, the Game winning Azra'il (left)
and the bullet catching Janissaire (right)

The Medium Infantry, also known as the "Peanut Gallery"
since their main role is to sit back and fill the air with lead..

and last but not least the "Rasuul Amal" (messenger of hope)
 my skating, tachikoma-ish assault mech

Questions? Comments? Death Threats? Get in line...

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